Janora is a Mrs Ranzo Class 6-tonner long keeled Bermudan sloop built in 1950 of pitchpine carvel construction on steamed oak frames with mahogany superstructure.  
27' 6"
7' 1"
3' 6"
Built by A V Robertson & Co of Woodbridge to a design by William Maxwell Blake, Janora is one of only four believed to have been built.
The first Mrs Ranzo - originally named Mrs Ranzo - was built in 1935 at Crosbies yard in Cowes. I understand she still exists today, although her name has changed, first to Maranzo and now as Alice For Short. Her appearance has changed too! In the 1970’s a clipper bow and cutter rig were added, increasing her length from 27’6” to 32’. The name of one other Mrs Ranzo was Marsa.
Maxwell-Blake’s designs are quite unique in so far as the under-water lines of all his boats are the same - an uninterrupted curve from stem to stern-post making them as much admired out of the water as in! The best documented of his designs is the 22ft Deben 4-tonner, he also designed the Ranzo class, smaller and more prolific than the Mrs Ranzo. Other designs include Monsoon, a 6 Metre he raced at Cowes and that still exists today. He also built a 12 Metre.
The above information was provided by the Maxwell Blake Association, 22 Angel Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4NG. More information would be welcome, please contact andrew@janora.co.uk